Etincelles/ Sparkles

March 2005 / Paris, esplanade of the Panthéon


Etincelles, esplanade du Panthéon, Paris

This scenography was commissioned by the Institut Curie to inaugurate « A Garden for Life, a Daffodil for Curie », a fundraising weekend in aid of cancer research. This multi-channel spatialised sound performance took place on the esplanade of the Paris Panthéon, with a light show, designed by Zelda Georgel, projected onto the Panthéon facade.

The performance was designed using the most striking images from a century’s history of radioactivity. The story retraces the discovery of radium by Pierre and Marie Curie in 1898.

Production Zelphis et l’Institut Curie / Sonorisation Seco.

The Path of the Five Senses

From June-November, 2004-2010 / Chazel en Boutières, Ardèche

Chemin des 5 sens

The Path of the Five Senses, Chazel en Boutières, Ardèche

Based on an original idea by Guy Chambon and Alain Bron, The Path of the Five Senses, is a 12km walking trail that loops around St Christol en Ardèche, where the discovery of different sites is enriched by artistic halts, fine arts, photography, music and literature, on a given theme.

The musical scenography, in multi-channel diffusion, varies each year depending on the chosen theme.   The Path of the Five Senses is free to all and attracts 3,000 visitors annually.

Variations from one shore to the other

Spring, summer, autumn 2004 / Paris, Pantin, Bobigny

Variation d'une rive à l'autre

Variations from one shore to the other - Paris, Pantin, Bobigny

Variations from one shore to the other is an invitation to take a trip along the banks of the Canal de l’Ourcq in Paris to the De la Bergère Park in Bobigny, Seine-Saint-Denis. Every weekend in September, cyclist-spectators are invited to follow the cycle path of the Canal de l’Ourcq.

Combining creativity with a reflection on the place of art in the public space and on travel within the city, Variations from one shore to the other offers a chance to discover and experience in a different light, the scenery, spaces and places of daily life through the fresh eyes of artists: choreographers, electroacoustic composers, directors, sculptors and photographers.

This experimental project and in situ creation is designed and produced by the Art au Quotidien association, in collaboration with Julie Desprairies (Cie des prairies) dance, Christine Groult, Catherine Pougeol, Hubert Michel and Ludovic Fresse music (Musicinsitu) ,  Geneviève Schwoebel (Cie La Délivre) theatre, Denis Tricot (Tricot & Cie) sculpture, and Javotte Boutillier (LUCE) photography for website.

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