Music in situ


sound at the heart of music

Electroacoustics is a resolutely contemporary form of artistic expression for being displayed in space ; in 1948 Pierre Schaeffer invented concrete music. After fifty years of being in an embryonic state this type of music – known under the generic term of « electroacoustic music » – has emerged from experimental research and can now benefit from today’s technology, thus getting into full play and meeting a wider public.


The aim of Musicinsitu is to further the creation and diffusion of electroacoustic music. It sets out to propose to a wider public musical scenographies situated in places that can appeal to the imagination such as beauty spots in the countryside, urban , industrial or historical sites. These scenographies can be played either out in the open or indoors.

an art of space and motion

This is a new culture, one of movement, matter and space. It implies the awakening of a new musical sensitivity,accessible to all,an erudite form of art capable of becoming truly popular art. So let’s have a go at novelty,let’s have a go at what can be done out of doors and in the world.


outdoors diffusion

Concrete music works with sound itself, transforming it into a musical world with infinite powers of suggestion. The microphone is its means of diffusion for it can be orchestrated everywhere, so it’s out in the open that it can unfold best.

composing according to place

The link between music and the place where it is played is much stronger than one could think. Certain types of music just seem to emanate from the place where they are played, as is the case with plainsong rising up from Anglo-Norman vaults. Architecture commands a certain rhythm in harmony with the music that is played there.

outside, at night

Music played out in the open at night can create a magic atmosphere conducive to the listener’s opening up. Pitch dark would be the ideal condition for acousmatic listening but it is unfeasible because it also arouses the listener’s fears ; however the luminous dark of the heavenly vault acts as an invitation to discover the imaginary world of electroacoustic music.


meeting new people

Musicinsitu’s wager is to reach a completely new public thanks to musical scenographies giving rise to reflexion on the historical setting and the memories haunting it. It’s an approach that also calls for the public’s participation. Workshops will be conducted by artists coming from different backgrounds with the keys to all sorts of activities, things to be imagined, comprehended, listened to – in short, meaning is made jubilant.

a plural approach…

Four visions of society preside over this company :those of an architect, a sociologist, a lawyer and a composer. Each view in their own specific way man and his way of relating to the world and to art. Its inceptors consider Musicinsitu as a piece of political research insofar as it aims at being a link between artists and their creative capacity and the social realities experienced by the people. In the final resort ,its ambition is to restore the balance between man and his environment.

…focussing on people’s subjectivity

Putting history and memory back in touch activates the link with the subconscious – that great reservoir of knowledge – and enables one to reach another, subtler, order of reality. True subjectivity springs from the alchemy between the Imagination and the symbolic, an alchemy which reactivates the capacity for daring and transmutation.

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